About Roche SMA Trials

Roche is developing an investigational medicine for SMA, RG7916.

RG7916 is developed in collaboration with the SMA Foundation and PTC Therapeutics. RG7916 is given by mouth or feeding tube.

In our FIREFISH, SUNFISH and JEWELFISH trials we aim to learn if RG7916 (also known as RO7034067) is safe and effective.


Our clinical trial for Type 1 SMA is called FIREFISH.

This is a clinical trial in babies aged between 1 to 7 months.

Find out more about FIREFISH here.

Our clinical trials for SMA Type 2 and Type 3 are called SUNFISH and JEWELFISH.

The SUNFISH trial examines RG7916 in people aged 2 – 25 years with Type 2/3 SMA.

Find out more about SUNFISH here.

The JEWELFISH trial examines RG7916 in people aged 12 – 60 years with Type 2/3 SMA. The clinical trial is for people who have previously participated in a trial with SMN2 targeting therapies.

Find out more about JEWELFISH here.

Visit for more information about FIREFISH, SUNFISH OR JEWELFISH.